Did you know that our original theme song which no one ever embraced was actually sung to the tune of “Waltzing Matilda”! Here is the original one with the lyrics. Give it a go!

Original Richmond Club Theme Song: To the tune of “Waltzing Matilda”

We’re the boys from Richmond

We’re the boys from Tigerland

We proudly wear the yellow and the black

And when it comes to football

We play the same as Tiger Brand

Right from the start We attack, We attack

Onward the Tigers, Onward the Tigers

Eat ’em alive boys and never give in

For the honoured tradition

The glory of old Richmond

We play the game

And we play it to win

Onward the Tigers, Onward the Tigers

We’ve got the team

And there’s nothing it lacks

We’ve got heart, We’ve got skill

We’ve got everything at Tigerland

We are the Tigers

The yellow and the blacks

The Waltzing Matilda lyrics were never our official theme song. Prior to 1962 the club often altered lyrics of famous tunes to make them Richmond specific (ie: there’s a heap in1920s/1930s – even a little booklet was produced with them all in it). Interestingly Jack Malcolmson once told Rhett Bartlett that the original opening lyric was “Oh We’re from Richmond Land”, but then felt Tigerland had a better visual attached to it. (The word Tigerland had been used as early as 1922)

Then in 1962 all that changed due to one embarrassing moment. The lyrics to our current theme song were actualy written by Cabaret Singer and tap dancer Jack Malcomson. Malcomson, a regular performer at the Richmond Football Club’s Pleasant Sunday Mornings, was approached by Committeeman Alf Barnett , to write the song after he witnessed his beloved Tigers embarrass themselves as they stumbled and mumbled their way through a mixture of made up ditties and songs on a previous interstate trip where each team was asked to sing their theme song at an Australian Football Carnival presentation night.

Malcolmson obliged: “I’d written a few songs, and I was asked to write a nice, bouncy one for Richmond.” Initially, he felt something was missing, so he added the “Yellow and Black” line to the song, and the rest is history. One of the most stirring anthems in football, especially its penultimate line our magnificent theme song has regularly topped polls as the best club theme song. Go Tigers!





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