Richmond VFL Round 3

Richmond VFL playing coach, Steve Morris, provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday’s Round 3 loss to Werribee.

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Richmond VFL playing coach, Steve Morris, provides a summary of how the Tigers’ players performed in last Saturday’s Round 3 loss to Werribee.

Derek Eggmolesse-Smith (27 disposals, nine marks, 11 rebound-50s)

“Derek found a lot of the ball again and continues to be a key part of our ball movement out of the back half. He’s in good form.”

Garret McDonagh (24 disposals, six marks, three tackles)

“Garret wasn’t quite as effective with ball in hand on the weekend, which is unusual for him, but his contest work continues to improve down back.”

Patrick Naish (19 disposals, seven marks, six rebound-50s)

“Covered a lot of ground on the weekend and acquitted himself well despite an interrupted preparation. He’s playing some good footy.”

Hugo Ralphsmith (19 disposals, seven inside-50s, two rebound-50s)

“His ability to break lines has been a real feature and his aerobic capacity continues to allow him to get back to help us in defence. He’s displayed an ability to play multiple roles.”

Will Martyn (17 disposals, three clearances, six marks)

“Had a big task in the weekend against an experienced, mature midfield and continued to battle away inside.”

Sydney Stack (16 disposals, four marks, four tackles, one goal)

“It’s good to see Sydney get some continuity. He looks dynamic when in the middle of the ground and he continues to build his match fitness to enable him to have an even greater impact.”

Thomson Dow (14 disposals, two inside-50s)

“It’s great to Thomson back after missing a fair bit of footy. It was a tough initiation but he’ll be improved by the hitout.”

Callum Coleman-Jones (13 disposals, seven marks, one goal)

“Callum continues to have a big impact in the air. His hands have been a real highlight and he continued that good form on the weekend.”

Ben Miller (13 disposals, three rebound-50s, three marks)

“He fought hard on a tough day for the backs and his one-on-one work was pretty good. Ben is also taking good strides with his leadership down back.”

Maurice Rioli Jr (13 disposals, nine tackles, three inside-50s)

“His speed and willingness to chase and tackle were very evident, as demonstrated by his nine tackles. He’s starting to find more of the footy. The next step will be to hit the scoreboard with more regularity, but he’s showing great signs at an early stage in his development.”

Bigoa Nyuon (10 disposals, six marks)

“It was good to have him back in the side. He plays his best footy when he’s physical and there were signs of this on the weekend, but his consistency of concentration and physicality will see his game elevate to the next level.”

Sam Durham (10 disposals, three rebound-50s, two marks)

“Wasn’t quite at the level he’s been playing at of late. He’s been a big improver this season and will look to bounce back after the bye.”

Noah Cumberland (two goals, nine disposals, three marks)

“Noah’s commitment to the contest can’t be questioned. His overhead mark in the square was a highlight. Great to see him hit the scoreboard with an increase in game time after a long layoff.”

Lachlan Street (nine disposals, one goal, three marks)

“Battled hard on the day. He didn’t find the ball as easily as he usually does and is another who will look to bounce back after the bye as he’s an important player to us.”

Joel Nathan (nine disposals, four rebound-50s, two marks)

“Had his work cut out on the talls down back. He’s a young, developing tall who continues to throw himself at the contest and will take some good lessons out of the weekend.”

Brad Melville (eight disposals, four inside-50s, seven tackles)

“Not the usual offensive output that we are used to from him. He’s a gut runner who worked hard on the day and didn’t give up, but will look to improve after the bye.”

Angus Hicks (seven disposals, six tackles, three inside-50s)

“Had a quieter day on the weekend. It was a tough day for small forwards and he was pretty sore throughout the second half, so the bye comes at a good time.”

Nathan Oakes (seven disposals, seven tackles, two rebound-50s)

“Was back into the side on the weekend. Battled hard inside but we’d like to see him find the ball a bit more to utilise his good kicking skills.”

Mabior Chol (six disposals, five tackles, one goal)

“He’s been in great form this season but didn’t reach his full potential on Saturday. He’s been up for a long time so the bye will do him well and we look forward to him bouncing back with a strong performance after the bye.”

Dylan Cook (five disposals, five tackles, three marks)

“The narrow ground probably made it tough for him to really get involved in the game. The challenge for Dylan is to find different ways to get involved and to impact the game.”

Samson Ryan (four disposals, three marks)

“It was a very tough day for our talls with lots of Werribee numbers behind the footy, but Samson will look to improve on that effort after the break.”


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