VFLW Round 11

The girls were fired up when they ran out onto the field ready to take on the undefeated team, Collingwood.
The first quarter kicks off and its full of pressure. The Borough girls’ defence was tremendous and they were putting up a great fight in the first quarter. This is what happens when two good backlines come together. Borough only allowed Collingwood to kick 2 behinds in the first quarter and at this stage it was anyone’s game.

Second quarter starts and the pressure was just as good in the second than it was in the first. Collingwood manage to come through and kick the first goal of the day and they kept the lead when they kicked another goal straight after. It was a tough second quarter with the girls not being able to score again. The pressures was still building for the girls and the pies were only able to score 2 goals. Keeping the Borough girls with a little bit of hope.

One minute into the third quarter and Collingwood kicked their third goal of the game and another one straight after keeping Collingwood at a 26 point lead. Collingwood manage to kick one last one for the quarter. During this quarter our backline player, Cleo Saxon-Jones goes down which looked like a sore ankle, we managed to ask Lachie after the game if he knows any information on her, “Iced up at the moment, don’t know but we’ll get a report this week. Losing her didn’t benefit our structure but we’ll wait to see how we go”. We wish her all the best for best news.

The final quarter siren goes and the girls are fired up. FINALLY! A few minutes into the last quarter and our captain, Melissa Kuys kicks the ball from about 40 metres out and it bounced straight through the goals allowing us to get a goal on the scoreboard. Another mark and another goal for, Collingwood. The pies are able to kick another 2 goals in the game giving us the final score.
Borough 1.4.10 defeated by Collingwood 8.4.52.

We had a chat to coach, Lachie Harris after the game and got to ask him a few questions. One of them being how he felt getting beaten by the undefeated team. “I don’t think we gave up all day that’s one thing I really can’t question the girls on their effort and intent. The ball didn’t bounce our way but I don’t think we gave up all day.”
We also got to have chat to Lachie about the girls defence as it was great to watch. “It’s been quite a strength for us all year our defence in terms of holding up. Our ball movement, one of our areas of improvement will be our connections between the arcs and going inside 50, which really let us down”.

Port Melbourne 0.0 0.0 0.1-1 1.4-10 defeated by
Collingwood 0.2-2 2.2-14 5.2-32 8.4-52

Goal Kickers: M. Kuys.

Best Players: J. Anthony, C. Dyett, A. Edmonds, K. Jacques, S. Sansonetti, C. Bromage.

Article: Rhayne Philipson.

Image: Peter Bratuskins.


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