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RTSSG are proud to partner with our friends at Tiger Clean. Their focus on quality will certainly have your ROARing about your home and the results make us proud to promote them to our members and supporters.



With over ten years experience cleaning homes throughout Melbourne the team at Tiger Clean know how important your home is.

Of course we clean it to the highest level but more importantly we hire only the most trustworthy and reliable cleaners. Your home should give you pride and with Tiger Clean you will ROAR about your home.



At Tiger Clean we are passionate about delivering the best service to you, that’s why we focus on hiring the best and training them and supporting them so they can offer you the best quality service.

1. We only hiring the best cleaners with a system that screens our team for the most reliable and trustworthy people so you can trust them with your home.

2. We train them with our quality training systems so that they are professionals in everything they do.

3. We maintain the highest quality control systems so that our staff are costantly improving and if something does go wrong it gets handled quickly.

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